Thursday, March 29, 2007

Very Bad Day

The title says it all, I had a very bad day. In the beginning my day had been going really well. The sun was shining and the temperature was in the 60's. My boss was out for the rest of the week at a conference, and things were a bit more laid back. I didn't even have any of the surprise assignments that have been popping up lately. Justin (my fiance) however, did not have good day from the beginning. First his alarm didn't go off and he woke up two hours late. Then he locked The Fefers in the TV cabinet (by accident, I found him a few hours later) and it took him over two hours to get to work (such is D.C. traffic at rush hour). To top it all off, two blocks from work someone ran into his car...then didn't even stop. Lovely. Luckily the damage is minimal, just the corner of the front panel popped out and some paint was left on the bumper. Did I mention his car isn't even 6 months old yet? Once this happened Justin called me at work, but I was still having a good day personally... until I got home. I put a load of laundry in, then went to check on my lizards Monster and Darwin. They are leopard geckos I've had since middle school. I was Darwin's third owner. My cousins had rescued her before when her former, former owner went away to college. When they moved to England they couldn't take her so she became my lizard. Well sometime between last night and this afternoon she passed away. She must have been nearly 15 years old. She was my first real pet as I am deathly (and I mean can't breathe deathly) allergic to dogs, and my parents are allergic to cats so basicly I grew up with pet fish. I'm going to miss her. I was going to post good news today because something exciting has happened in my little knitting universe...I turned the heel on my very first sock.

Here's Felix trying to help with the photoshoot. (I told you he is a nosy little critter.)

But more about that later when I am having a good day. Tomorrow is Friday, and this means I will have more free time to knit this weekend, and hopefully a chance to finish my very first sock...